About 365 days ago, I wrote a post about my 2020 goals. I was coming off a hard year of grieving my mom and I wanted to push myself a little more while still give myself space to do any additional healing. I came across an idea for resolutions, and I filled it out like this.

  • I will learn: What I like in a church (#3)
  • I will travel to: A new adventure (#6)
  • I will take a class on: A workplace skill (#4)
  • I will meet: A new friend (2)
  • I will create: A more personal painting style (#5)
  • I will stop: Taking my body for granted (#1)

But, I am me, so I clarified. Anything in blue I consider successful. Anything in green was blocked by COVID (that’s my story). Anything in red was not sucessful.

Area 1: Health and Fitness

  • Embrace the WW journal. Make it a priority!
  • Find a source for yoga and/or meditation and go to it
  • Participate in walking challenges (particularly with the dog)
  • Get 8 hours sleep (this means going to bed early)
  • Remember that alone time is an important part of my mental health (COVID helped with this)
  • Do NOT overextend yourself (be on boards, volunteer too much)

Area 2: Friendships

  • I need to develop some new friendship (or at least closer friendships). Following the advice in Friendships Don’t Just Happen, I will invite a new person out to coffee once a month. (This is daring for me!)

Area 3: Spiritual development

  • Church: Find a church you like and go
  • WSO: Continue volunteering for website
  • Foster 4 dogs in 2020 (did 1)
  • Explore purchasing environmentally better clothing

Area 4: Work/Career & Finances

  • Remain employed
  • Better understand finances
  • Donate to charity

Area 5: Personal Growth (aka Painting)

  • Keep my website current
  • Write at least 52 posts
  • Attend critique group
  • Develop and attend the March SAA solo show
  • Apply for the Alaska AIR
  • Enter these shows:
    • Enter both WSO shows (got in!)
    • Enter the Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs)
    • Submit to the AAEA Shows
    • Submit to both NWWS Shows
    • Submit to Emerald Art Center show (got in!)

Area 6: Fun

    • Reading: Goodreads 2020 Book Challenge
    • Nose work with Key: Earn NW3, work toward all L2 Element Specialites
    • Knitting: Finish 6 projects
    • Go on one adventure (I think the whole year counts…)
    • Explore the Hallie Ford art museum
    • Visit the Salem carousel
    • Continue bird watching
    • Participate in the 2020 NaNoWriMo

For one of the most… interesting years in my lifetime, I don’t think it was too bad. What doesn’t show up on this list is that I moved. I got two new kittens. I did an art mentorship program. I kept my job while my employment had layoffs and struggled with six months of the busiest I have ever been. I survived a pandemic. I survived the 2020 election. And that i didn’t have to escape on a big trip to hold my own over the holidays.

What does 2021 hold? I’m not sure, but I’ll take a little less excitement!

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  1. Well, we made one coffee date before Covid hit. Maybe we can do it again one of these years!

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