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Feb 19

Just gonna tell you about everything

It’s a three-day weekend. You might think that this would be a perfect opportunity to write a great blog, full of insight and pictures. Ha. I’ve mostly just sat around doing the things I want to do, occasionally getting something like grocery shopping or laundry accomplished.  But as this day (and weekend) heads to a …

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Feb 12

A dream (almost) fulfilled

If you ask any artist what their dream is, they will tell you the same thing: Storage space. All artists DREAM of an empty studio, with all finished paintings miraculously sold, all failed paintings quietly removed from reality without decisions to be made, and the only thing on the agenda is the next idea. This …

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Feb 05

Stealth project reveal – Cosmo and Zoe

As an artist, an especially an artist who plays too much on Facebook, I am constantly barraged with lists of things I could or should do. Sometimes these lead to experiments, but more often these lists just fill me with a vague sort of guilt that I have not accomplished them. A couple of years …

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Jan 21

Featuring fish, fowl, and fossils

This morning was my monthly critique group excursion. While I haven’t exactly been producing at a record speed (or even producing anything very good…) I have been working. I sorted through the piles and came to the realization that I needed some help more than I needed anyone to admire some of my latest successes, …

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Jan 15

I need a keeper

There is a meme of which I am particularly fond. I have it on a notebook as well as hung in my studio. Today was all about the frustration, errors, and experimentation. Mistake #1 I am on day three of a 4-day-weekend, and today my goal was to paint. But, well, I was a little …

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Jan 08

The right collector comes along…

As an artist, sometimes you do a painting and you know it’s not perfect, but you like it. This painting of Taylor Said and Winning Machine in the 2012 Longacres Mile is a painting that I have liked for a long time, but I’ve also had some concerns about. In fact, it’s gone through a …

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Nov 27

Checklists and near misses

Happy Thanksgiving to all I have not wished these sentiments to in person. I hope your holiday was as enjoyable as mine. I went to visit my mom, and though I didn’t stay for as long as I originally planned, I had a very good time. Unfortunately, bad planning caught up with me and I …

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Nov 13

Bev Jozwiak Workshop – Day 2

Today was the second day of the Bev Jozwiak workshop. As promised, we started with a step-by-step exercise using Chumlee. For comparision, here is Bev’s version of the same reference photo. And here’s a photo of the whole class with their versions. Between working on Chumlee, I attempted to work on two pieces I had …

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Nov 12

Bev Jozwiak Workshop – Day 1

Today I traveled up to Portland to take a two-day workshop from Bev Jozwiak (pronounced Jaws-wick) at the Oregon Society of Artists. I got into this workshop due to a last-minute cancellation and it worked beautifully into my schedule. I have wanted to take a class from her for quite a while. She paints relatable …

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Nov 06

No more challenges, please!

This week, a Facebook friend nominated me for the “Post seven black and white photos about your life” challenge. Christine, I’m sorry to turn you now, but I’m afraid I’m at max right now! Stealth projects continue apace. I spent my painting time this weekend prepping for next weekend’s seminar by the estimable Bev Jozwiak. …

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