When I was a kid, no one could get me to read a book or draw something unless it was about horses. I had a huge Breyer horse collection. My Little Ponies would do in a pinch. Barbie had a horse (Dallas) and I could be talked into a game if we were playing something with a ranch or other horse-related activity. But understand, that was a far second choice. Childhood, as it relates to painting, has been on my mind a lot over the last few weeks. I got a new printer cartridge, so I printed out some reference photos and spent the week playing with my love for all things equine.

This painting was developed from a squiggle that was the result of spilling some paint. I am attempting to play with lost and found edges, similar to Benedicte Gele.

For these paintings I was deliberately not trying to produce a “perfect” horse painting. I was trying to let myself sketch and work through draftsmanship. The painting below has good drawing on the horse, but the human needs some work. As I take it further, I will have to resolve that and the color issues.

“Did You Get My Good Side?” (unfinished)

On this work, the left front leg and head are out of scale. That may be fixable, though I’m not sure if I will push forward.

This was done with my watercolor markers on a previously colored piece of paper.

And then this piece. This piece was done either in 2014 or 2015 during an ice painting “window.” It has been sitting in a pile with masking fluid on it ever since. This week, I spent some time taking the masking off. The result is so pretty that I can hardly think about painting on it. But I think I might have an idea.

A start from my 2015 ice painting.

Don’t hold your breath to see it!

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