Male Anna's hummingbird flashes at another male

I haven’t had a lot to write about this week because I have been concentrating on other matters. On Monday I joined Weight Watchers. I announced this on my Facebook account, but I (weirdly) wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. It somehow seemed so permanent, but I need to find ways to hold my feet to the fire, so on the blog it goes.

I may occasionally write about various things on my weight loss journey, but I’ll try to keep it to art talk in the main.

Still, this week was hard with a lot of dietary and habit changes. Friday was the first day I didn’t have a raging caffeine-withdrawal headache and today is the first day I don’t feel anxious. In fact, I feel pretty good. Progress is being made…

New Paintings

[image removed]

On Tuesday I started a couple of new paintings. I sketched out “Strike a Pose” based on a photo of sandhill cranes I took in March on Sauvie Island. I also sketched and applied masking fluid for “Follow the Leader”, a painting of tundra swans seen on the same trip.

For “FTL” I will apply a pour, similar to my 2011 egret painting. I am still deciding about colors, but I’m leaning toward oranges to indicate energy and maybe a little fear.

rosesThe week before I decided to experiment a little with Yupo (a kind of plastic paper.) I drew four sketches of the same rose on squares and applied my first coat of paint. Because of its surface, Yupo can be pulled clear back to white and the textures are really unique. I’m looking forward to some experimentation, but I need to find my reference photo first (the original got run through the laundry by accident).

I also continue work on a few other paintings.

Volunteering at SEO

Today I went out to the barn for my volunteer shift at Sound Equine Options. While I mucked the stalls, the horses went into the arena for some exercise, then I took them out for some hand grazing. Everyone got cookies.


The last horse I did, a cute little mare named Mocha, gave me a scare! When she was out in the arena I heard a loud thumping like someone was kicking a stall. A couple horses currently in the barn will bang their stalls doors for attention, so for a little while I didn’t think anything of it. But then it went on and I looked into the arena. Mocha had cast herself! When a horse gets “cast”, it means that they rolled over and go their legs so close to a wall they can’t get them under them again in order to get up. Horses can break legs and have other kinds of serious injuries from this, though usually it works out okay.

She didn’t look frantic or terrified, so I went over and gave her a pat. She stopped kicking immediately and gave me a very cute look, like “Oh, it’s nice to see you. I was lonely.” I wondered if she was really cast or just wanted company. But she laid there with her back legs against the wall and I decided that something should probably be done. I tried to help her tip back over. She seemed to enjoy that (I rubbed her tummy a lot) but I decided her legs would move before she did.

I climbed out and was going to drive up to the house for help when she gave a big shove and got up! I hate to say this… but I think she did it for attention and was never actually cast. She’s a devious one… but very cute.

Hike at Canemah

Last I took Finn for a hike at Canemah. Today (well, this week really) has been windy and rainy, but our hike was between showers.

europeanbee1The camas are still in full bloom and the honey bees were hard at work. There were also bumble bees cruising around like little bombers.

Two male Anna’s hummingbirds were having a contest. I tried to get a picture of this one flashing, but I only got one partial of his throat color.

Male Anna's hummingbird flashes at another male
Male Anna’s hummingbird flashes at another male