2020 has been hard. There may be nothing else we agree on, but on this point point, I think all humans are in agreement.

In the United States, the election is just days away. Afterward, half the country will be happy, the other mad.

COVID-19 continues to rage on essentially unchecked. No one knows, let alone agrees on, if staying home, wearing masks, or social distancing is effective or even warranted. The news is filled with “second wave” predictions and seemingly reputable sources are undermining all attempts to create a strategy.

The holiday season is upon us, with all its challenges, unrealistic expectations, and obligations.

But will 2021 really be any different? Is our happiness really dependent on a wildly random set of circumstances that happened to pick 2020 to collide? Or is the fact that 2020 seems like the contentment vortex a global attitude problem?

Well, I’m going to do something about it. I’m going to make sure I set some attitude goals for 2021. It may be a little early to start thinking about 2021, but I’m so over 2020.

This wasn’t where I stopped in my original post. I wrote a lot more. But as the week moved on, I realized that adding concrete goals right now felt counterproductive. So, I’ll just put out there that this is on my mind.

Have a happy Halloween weekend!