“Here’s a wake-up call to anyone who feels the call to make art: Don’t WAIT! Start small, start with a sketchbook, collage or something you can make at your kitchen table. For professionals and amateurs alike, life has a way of making you feel like you don’t have time, your setup isn’t worthy, you don’t have the right materials, etc.” ~ quote attribution lost, though I think it might be Ruth Armitage

I’m still on my coffee table for art, but I am back to making art.

I got a minor cold this week. I felt achy and crankier than average on Wednesday. By the time I clocked off for the day, I was SO cold. I’m never cold. So, I took my temperature and wasn’t shocked to see it at 99.7. I just hoped it wasn’t going to be COVID. I didn’t particularly have any “symptoms”, other than feeling bad and the fever, but I sat on the couch and pouted under three blankets. The next day I suppose I COULD have worked, but my nose was running and felt bad. If I was going into the office, I wouldn’t have wanted me around. So, I figured working from home was the same and so called in sick and spent the day watching movies and keeping hydrated. Friday I was still sniffling and coughing a little, but I did work, with the caveat that I could leave anytime. I blasted through my “basic” work, putting aside anything that wasn’t ordinary, and made a good dent in my inbox. Between the cold and a weather system that came in, neither the dog or I got our normal walkies in and so I wasn’t sleeping well. But yesterday, everything cleared up a little and I got enough exercise to sleep. And today, well, except for the occasional sniffle, I’m feeling pretty good. This little story is to demonstrate of the scope (very small) of my artistic endeavors this week.

A few months ago, to prepare for my first teaching endeavor, I got some liquid charcoal from Schmike. There is a second brand on the market called Nitram, which I have been told granulates more. I ordered some recently and wanted to give it a try. So, I got out some paper scraps and gave it a go. In the end, I added watercolor crayon over the top of the charcoal on most of these small paintings. I did one “large” painting with blank paper and just the charcoal.

I have to be honest; I don’t like the Nitram as well as the Schmicke. It’s much waterier. Without the grit, the interest of putting down the paint isn’t there. Still, I enjoyed playing with design. I may add watercolor crayon on top of this one as well.

I’m going to keep this post brief. I’m still feeling like the coach with blankets is a nice place to be.