Spuddle, Double and Chuckle! Oh, never Subtle.

Spuddle: A useful verb from the 17th century that means to work feebly and ineffectively, because your mind is elsewhere, or you haven’t quite woken up yet. To be extremely busy whilst achieving absolutely nothing.

Lately, I’ve been massively attracted to the idea of finishing and/or using up. I’ve been working on finishing a book that’s been open for three months, a scarf that was started before Covid, and the remaining gel pens that my mom purchased at some point in time. The latter are absolutely useless; they hardly contain any ink. But I’ve been doodling away for a few minutes each night, using up 6-10, and generally making progress toward finishing the batch of pens, but not much else.

However, I think I’ve nailed down my next painting. Just as soon as the rest of these pens run out…

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