As I said to my mom tonight, for me, finishing a painting is less about actually being done and more about running out of time.

As you may remember, I started a few paintings a little more than a month at the Ruth Ellen Hoag workshop I attended. The annual Equine Art show is coming up, and after some consideration about my pitiful lack of work this year, I decided to put on the afterburners and try to finish one for my entry.

[image removed]


I took this one to critique group and they encouraged me to go darker and loose a few of the “background” shapes to bring more focus to the front.

[image removed]


Here’s the result. And it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks right now, because it’s being shipped up to Emerald Downs tomorrow!

If you’ve got a hankering to see the show, I’ll drive up on July 10 to bring back my painting and I still have a couple seats left in my car! I’d love the company.