Once again, I have to make my appologies for over a month without blogging. I really have no good excuses. In fact, the less said, perhaps the better.

Let me make it up to you with tons of pretty horses pictures.

Yesterday i went to a Drum Horse Artists Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman (Western Rose Studios.) Elizabeth gave some light instruction on drawing and painting horses, then arranged to have a variety of equine models for us to sketch and take photos of.


After working in the arena, we were offered a tour of the property where we saw even more horses…


As well as skydivers from a neighboring business.


It was a pleasant day.


I took 772 photos and a few of those may turn into paintings. Here’s a selection of a few of my favorites.

Apollo – Drum Horse Stallion

Gideon – Drum Horse Stallion

Marquee – Arabian Gelding (former stallion)

Rosa – Donkey (with opinions)


Holly – Drum Horse mare


Random (rescue) horses from around Hytyme Rescue.