Class: Writing & Illustrating Children’s Books (Week 1)

Well, after that last post, I could use some actual art-related posts. Luckily, I’ve been taking a couple of classes, so I have lots to talk about.

For the last few weeks I’ve been taking “Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books” through Chemeketa Community College and taught by Kristina Malmberg (owner of Yes You Can Creations.)

When I originally signed up for this class (which actually was several months ago, but it got cancelled a couple of times,) I really didn’t have any big goals. I just wanted to take a class and maybe meet some people and this class sounded like fun. Also, I really like children’s books.

My one worry was being treated like a child because of the topic; is there anything worse, as an adult, than being treated to a sing-song-voiced instructor talking down to you? I am happy to report Ms. Malmberg is a professional and conscientious teacher who treats the subject seriously.

Week 1 – July 7

Week 1 introduced us to the subject by reading some children’s books (some classic, some not-so-classic) and dissecting them into what worked and what didn’t work, from both an art and story perspective.

We were then challenged to develop a scene based on a personal experience and think about “what did we learn” and “what was it relatable.”

I developed the following story.

I fell into the pizza

Every week we go to pizza.

We order a big pizza.

I watch it being made through the window.


I know which one is mine by the toppings.

When it’s done, my dad gets it from the counter.

One night, I volunteered to go get it.

I proudly carried it to the table. It felt very big.

holdingthe pizza

But then, I tripped.


And I fell.

Into the hot pizza!


The toppings were everywhere.

My pants got hot.

I started to cry.

I couldn’t get up.

My dad picked me up.

I was crying.

Mom wiped me off.

We got another pizza… to go.

I got a bath.


And then some pizza.


The next week everyone at the pizza parlor knew my name.


It was embarrassing.

But kind of nice, too.

My dad got the pizza until I was a little older.