Class: Writing & Illustrating Children’s Books (Week 2)

I intended to “catch up” on all three classes to date, but the last post got a little long, so I decided to divide the subject into weeks.

Week 2 started out with a review of the week before…

Key aspects of character development (focus on “connection through relatable experience.”):

  • Who
  • Where
  • When
  • What did you learn
  • Why was it relatable

And we moved into fighting “creative block” (boy do I need that.) Even though our class is only five weeks, and Ms. Malberg would like us to finish a book by the end, to do further awesome things (such as write something worthy of publishing) we’ll have to be creative well past the class.

We did a couple of writing prompts.

  1. 1st Day of School


  2. Best Day Ever


From there we learned several drawing methods because so many people in the class were nervous about their drawing skills.

Oval Method


Two additional expressions…

Stick Method



Free Time to “Develop a Character”

Meta sees the new tree (expression: surprise)

Meta sees the new tree (expression: surprise)

What do you think?