Week 3 was billed as having a “guest” speaker, but we started out in our “usual” fashion of a creative prompt to start the class. The prompt: “Your weekend.” As Mom had just visited, and as usual we went to Konditorei, my drawing was…


We did a short review of last week’s techniques, then Grant Burgess (literature degree from Reed College) gave us a lecture on the history and development of children’s books and the traditional plot. It wasn’t a bad lecture. I did this drawing…


… and got this quote to consider.

Your conflict should tell you more about your character and who you are dealing with than all sort of character introduction.

Words to consider in light of our challenge in the next two weeks: to develop and finish a mini children’s book!


  • Must follow “The Traditional Plot”
  • Must be at least six pages but no  more than twelve
  • An illustration on each page
  • One developed character
  • One close up illustration of a character’s face
  • One panorama scene

Nothing like a challenge!