The camera got a workout

Back in September I wrote a post about a weekend down at the beach and promised to post photos of one of the adventures, a whale watching tour, “the next day.” Sincerely apologies. Life got away from me.

To recap, on September 13, I went on a whale watching tour with Whale Research EcoExcursions, who I have been out with several times (I think this is my fourth tour).

As always, it was AWESOME. Words almost cannot state how great the tour is, and fall is a great time to go because the whales are starting their migration and there are a lot of them.

I took 1,461 photos in just over 90 minutes. Yes, 16 photos a minute. I regret NOTHING.

The day was beyond gorgeous.

There were Stellar Sea Lions just as we came out of the harbor.

There was perfectly clear water and jellyfish.

There were birds.

And the whales were plentiful and NOT shy. Yes, that’s our boat in the foreground.

The conditions were so perfect, you could see through the water.

There were young calves feeding near their mother.

There were whales in multiples.

But most of all… there were flukes. (Note: The following are “sliders”. They should move forward giving you an action-like sequence.)

It was an awesome day. I love Oregon. If you are ever down in Depoe Bay, don’t hesitate to check it out.