I’ve been quiet on the blogging front the last week because I’ve been focused on projecting a facade of a reasonable, sensible adult. It’s hard on the best of days, but the last week truly tested me.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have accepted a new position with the State of Oregon, and last week marked my last week of employment with Multnomah County. I am looking forward to this change, but I’m also very emotional about what I’m leaving behind.

Friday my work team took me out to lunch (a sushi place that wasn’t good enough to recommend) and that evening my work friends took me out to dinner at a great Mexican place, Taqueria Nueve (T9) (I’ll recommend the tacos and margaritas, but not the beef enchillatas). This adventures marks two restaurants explores on The Essential 38 Portland Restaurants list.

Saturday I careened around the Portland area, hiking, playing with the SEO horses, going for a bike ride with my Weight Watchers group down the Springwater trail, gallery sitting at the Oregon Society of Artists, before landing at home in an exhausted stupor.

Sunday I went to a golf Meetup and played 18 holes at Oregon City Golf course. While this was a tiring day (well over my Nike Fuel activity goal) I had a great time. (We won’t discuss my score.) It was also very nostalgic; Dad and I golfed here frequently and it was where I practiced frequently while in the high school golf team.

Today I entered “unemployment” or a “stay-cation” depending on how you look at it. I will start my new job on Wednesday (no fools) and so I’m taking a couple of days off. I spent the majority of the day running small errands and making phone calls. I met with a handyman about a house repair. But we did get in a hike to Canemah.