5 things to catch up on an eventful week

Aside from a variety of interesting painting happenings this last week (supposedly what this website is about…) my life had a variety of non-art but still interesting developments that I wanted to document.

5. I finished weeding

Okay, no one has EVER actually, truthfully, said this. But I came close on Sunday.

4. I went for three hikes at Canemah

And spring has sprung and robins are EVERYWHERE!

3. I played another round of golf…

… and shaved nine strokes off my score.

2. I gave blood

My iron levels were great (last time I tried I was anemic) and my blood pressure dropped 25 points! Additionally, I am now so skinny that I can give blood in the mobile vans (they have a weight limit that I have failed in the past.) I’m so healthy.

1. I accepted a new job

For the last few months my division at the Multnomah County Department of Human Resources has been in upheaval as we are going through a reorganization. My position was reclassified and I had to reapply for my job (which included putting together a new resume and going through a job interview.) Thankfully, after the interview I was quickly able to report that the interview went well and I got to keep “my” job.

This was a tough process and I was irritated enough to look around and see what else was available. Right after the aforementioned interview, I got a request to interview with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Last week they made me an incredible offer, and Friday I turned in my notice at the Multnomah County.

While the new job is in Salem, which may mean that I eventually will choose to relocate, there were so many other perks (not the least of which was money) that I am thrilled to announce this new and exciting change. My last day at MC will be March 27 and I will be starting with OWEB on April 1. Thank you advance to all those who wish me luck and will be keeping their fingers crossed over the next few months.


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