Settling in

It’s been almost six months (six months on Feb. 1) since I’ve moved permanently down to the beach house, and so far, no regrets. I’m loving it. But there were a few things that I knew I wanted to change, but wanted to see how it all worked out first.

A few weeks ago, I had a series of technology mishaps that crashed both my computer and tablet. I purchased a new computer and haven’t decided about the tablet. Along with the new computer, I decided to add a new workstation to the house.

Meet my new painting area. After assembling the desk and chair, I spent the day admiring the birds out the front window and painting. Bliss.

I may decide to move either my personal or work laptop here some days, but for right now, I’m sticking with this as an art station. It’s on wheels so I can change my mind about placement when I have guests or otherwise when I need to.

I can hear your next question: “What did you paint?” I’m so glad you asked.

“Flicker” – mostly just fooling around and using up some paper

“Ghosts” – also just fooling around

“Pasture Promise” – $50 – 12″ x 8″ liquid charcoal on paper

I’m giving myself an easy weekend. It was a tough week at work, even though (or maybe because of) it being a short week. Key and I went to a nosework trial Monday and Tuesday. No title or legs on the first day (NW3, of course), but I didn’t have a panic attack which is a massive improvement. Then on Tuesday we did a level 3 Vehicle and nailed it. Title and 3rd place overall. Lots to think about in all that.

I hope you are having a great weekend. The coast is glorious this time of year, and King Tides are happening. Come on down and say hi!