rhopography, n.: “Chiefly in painting: a depiction of subject matter considered insignificant or trivial, as still life, the domestic interior, animals, etc.”

I have been wanting to use that word-of-the-day for a long time. Finally!

Work on my Minto Brown series goes apace. I have been surprisingly focused. I currently only have two more subjects to select and three paintings to start. This is not to say I am anywhere near finished, just that I have started.

Sketch Image Painting Season Focus
Portrait of a Young Lady Spring portrait / face
Fast Friends Spring relationship
* tbd* * tbd* * tbd* Spring * toy *
* concept * * tbd* A Good Roll Summer portrait / face
Tough Guys Summer relationship
* tbd* * tbd* * tbd* Summer * toy *
* tbd* Gismo Fall portrait / face
Rapt Attention Fall relationship
Big Stick Fall toy
Snow on the Roof Winter portrait / face
Rainy Day Jogging Partner Winter relationship
My Ball Winter toy

After posting this initially, I had some things to do, then I did some more work. After the first washes, a lot of the work will be various tweaks and adjustments. “Tiptoe-ing up to a finish” is how one of my teachers put it.

I’m going to try to post weekly updates. But don’t hold your breath!