Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time since Mom’s death. While I can’t say I’m excited (at least not with a straight face), I do think it’s time. It will be nice to talk about normal things again.

While there is still a long list of things to get done, sorted, addressed, or otherwise dealt with, I have used this time to accomplish what I  can.

  • Called banks
  • Called insurance
  • Called lawyers, CPA, and investments
  • Met with funeral home
  • Selected memorial date ( April 13)
  • Notified list about death
  • Cancelled accounts
  • Transferred accounts
  • Reassembled house into correct compartments

While some of these chores will have to be revisited after more paperwork arrives, this is a good start. It may even be where I should leave off because most other progress requires death certificates. I  need to let the wheels turn.

So, it’s back to work.

But the other point of re-entry is that I need to address the year end/year beginning blogs that were pushed aside in the shuffle. And that, my friends, is tonight’s goal!