So the last time I posted a painting night, I was at painting night 7. Thankfully, it wasn’t the last time I painting. I spent painting nights 8-10 working on finishing paintings for my show “Galloping Out.” I went to Liz Walker’s marbling class the next week and I’ve taken a few weeks off since then, with my new job and all that excitement.

2015postcardfront 2015postcardbackBut tonight I took up the brush again. Or the scissors, depending on how you look at it.

As usual I seem to be motivated by deadlines and the deadline for the Oregon Society of Artists Rose Show is coming up quickly. I had started a painting, but it’s not going how I hoped.

I had been toying with the idea of using the marbled papers to make a stylized piece. Then the other day I went down to Muse Art and Design to pick up some supplies and became entranced with some papers. I particularly liked the way a white, lacy paper looked against a black paper. I decided to add some gold paint to that paper and collage it against the paper, then use my metallic marbled papers to create something with roses.

rose1 rose2I haven’t decided if this is the layout… in fact, I’ve already changed it again. But I think this gives you a little bit of an idea where I’m going.

I also went through some old photos (1985!) of the Rose Festival parade and I’m toying with the idea of doing something with one of these photos (highly cropped) for the second category “Blooming Time.”

clydesdales1 copy clydesdales2 western1The front dark bay Clydesdale caught my eye, or maybe the flowers behind the pinto… We’ll see!