Today was the second (and final) day of the marbling workshop and the entire day was devoted to creating our own marbled papers.

First, Liz demoed the correct techniques for the process. It’s very chemical-ly and technical and I feel like the best way to talk about all this is just to give a website: Galen Berry.

After we had our instructions, we began. At first we created marbling that would cover entire sheets of white paper.


We had also been given a few sheets of black paper, which we used with metallic paints.

Soon we were merrily marbling along.

And the papers began to flow.

After a while Liz helped us marble over paintings we had already created. This process involves adding another chemical to the mix to create “open” areas of the marbling to allow the under painting to show through. I choose “Taylor Said Goodbye”, a painting that I have never been fully happy with, to experiment with the process.

Much better!

I am about the only person in the class who marbled all my papers (I’m speedy and have stamina); but I’m also very tired at the end of the day after doing all that and helping with the (extensive) cleanup (what a messy process!) But I have so many papers to play with now! Painting nights forever!