Marbling Workshop with Liz Walker – Day 1

Today I took the day off work to go down to Brownsville to attend a marbling workshop with Liz Walker. I have admired Liz’s work for many years, particularly her use of shapes. In the last couple of years she has put out some really great pieces using marbling. Every time I’ve found out about one of her workshops I’ve been unable to go, either because it was full or I couldn’t get the time off. So finally being able to attend a workshop with her is very exciting.

The syllabus for this two day workshop was to spend day 1 prepping new paper and old paintings (or other objects) for marbling, then to learn about the possibilities for the technique. Day 2 (tomorrow) we will actually be marbling all day!

I am having an absolute blast. Liz is a great teacher who kept us entertained and busy all day. I’m sure I’m not the only one in class trying to get just a few more strokes in to finish my painting at the end of the day!

These are the two paintings I worked on. Hopefully you can see how they emerged!

Children’s Moon


I can’t wait for tomorrow!