I am normally a pretty focused person. Point A to point B. I read my emails and file them. I weed one bed at a time, in a counterclockwise path. I knit one thing at a time.

And then there is painting. In spite of having eleven paintings going on, I started two new ones tonight.

"Between Classes" - needs to get darker
“Between Classes” – needs to get darker
untitled - hard to judge, has masking on
untitled – hard to judge, has masking on

My favorite blogger, Stephanie Pearl McPhee, adopted the name of her blog “Yarn Harlot” because of her similar propensity in the knitting arena.

Pearl McPhee calls this “startitis”. According to her, there is no harm in it. No one is hurt by starting a new project. Yes, she occasionally write letters of apology to her unfinished projects, but let’s face it… some project just don’t stand the test of time.

I’m not ready to write apology letters, and without any deadlines looming. Well… maybe I should start some more!

One thought on “The painting harlot?”
  1. Many projects can be a blessing and a curse. I myself like more than one. This gives me the opportunity to choose what I am the mood to work on. On the other hand, you have ufo’s (unfinished objects) everywhere.

    This tells you want to see how the rest of us feel.

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