Last night I got ally my paint and paper ready for another round of ice painting. I was so happy with Friday night’s work that I had some ideas for a few more paintings.

What I didn’t realize that was (according to the records) it was only 33 degrees (I thought it felt warmer.) Comp[are that to 19 degrees the night before.

The results do show the difference. While I got some good results, they are essentially just “pours” not real ice painting.

Another good thing is that I used up quite a bit of “extra” paint that was just lying around. I had some liquid paint that I had purchased as a lot in a garage sale, but didn’t like (except for one color) so I used that up. I used up quite a few samples that were lying around. And I used up quite a bit of masking fluid. So, that a big win for lightening up the studio.

Apparently up in Portland it’s remained a little cooler because several of my Facebook friends went out this morning and got good results. Among ourselves we have a few more tips to share.

  1. Wetting the paper lightly first seems to have a better effect.
  2. Don’t use liquid watercolors.
  3. Don’t over water the paints.
  4. Pour the paint on and then let it be. Don’t keep pouring.

I think that’s the end of this round of Oregon ice painting. This whole episode has not helped with my goal of finishing paintings by the end of the year, but there’s a saying about making hay while the sun is shinning that seems applicable here.

Here are the results of last night’s session.

Gallop – Trying to Adjust

I started this painting a while ago and just got stuck. I hoped adding some texture would help.

I as trying to add some texture; it worked on the blue, but less so on the orange and yellow parts.

Keeneland Barn Cat

Other than having very little texture, I like start on this.

Stealth Project

Well… I can’t actually show you, now can I?

Hardware and Chrome

This one is going to be another painting about horse shoes and legs. Though I was hoping for more texture, I like the way the start came out.

Orange Start With Unexpected Pink and Purple

This was supposed to be gray with a little bit of orange.

Orange Start 2 – Closer to the Goal

This was supposed to have a lot of gray with a little bit of orange.

Using up extra paint start

Using up the extras.

I think that’s all for this storm. I’ll have to work hard to finish these starts so if there is another storm this winter, I’ll be ready to go.