No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have updated the blog. Part of that has been I’ve just been trying to give myself a break, and part of that is that I’ve been super busy. So here’s a catch up and I’ll try to post something a little more relevant and art related soon.

So for a couple of days after writing my “giving up post”  I just took a deep breath and got back as much as possible into Weight Watchers again. For me that means a “white knuckle” period that requires a lot of deep breathing and concentration.

The following Wednesday was my usual painting night. Instead of painting I decided to watch a couple of instructional videos by Joseph Zubkvic. So, there aren’t any painting pictures to post about that.

On the 11th I went to the Portland Farmer’s Market (ranked #2 in the country) and then to the Bastille Day Celebration at the Portland Art Museum. While there I participated in a quick draw portrait contest. I drew my friend Lea who was supposed to be doing the emotion of amused sadness. You’re guess is as good as mine if I captured it.

leaThen on Sunday I headed up to Emerald Downs for the Equine Art show. I was more than a little disappointed that my paintings didn’t do better, but I did sell “Weiner’s Circle” and got some great reference photos for future work.

startThis week passed along at its usual breakneck speed. I’m delighted to report my (renewed) vigilence resulted in a 5lb weight loss and I’ve continued the good work this week.

Wednesday I started some paintings, though a few are “stealth projects” and so I’ll have to pend pictures. I hope to write more about the process on the painting below tomorrow.

bearThe last couple days I’ve taken some hikes through Canemah. It’s SO dry. And high summer, so all the little birds and animals are in hiding from young predators just learning their business. But bugs are also out and about and decided to pose for me.

dragonfly spiderAnd today I “wasted” most of my day canning beans and watching movies. I don’t know why I can’t do things in a more moderate manner, but I have 63 pints down with another 3-4 batches to be canned. Still, I’ll be glad in the winter.