A few months ago I went to an estate sale of a Watercolor Society of Oregon member named Carol Winchester. At the sale I picked up 50 sheets of watercolor paper (such a steal of a deal) and a used palette.

palettePalettes are a tool I love and have (too) many of. I don’t have one in this exact configuration, though, so I figured that even if I washed out all the paint, for $1.00 it was a good deal.

Last week I decided to put it to use to start a paint of the Brooks Falls bears I have been watching on a webcam. I was caught by a small series of images of a bear in the morning and thought the contract of its warm fur against the dark background might be just the thing.

bearMy palette doesn’t have just the color blue I wanted to use, and while I could have made do, I decided to use my “new” palette and experiment a little.

Many established watercolor artists establish a range of colors in particular brands and just keep adding those colors to the palette. They permanently mark the colors on the outside of the well to keep themselves organized.

namesI moistened the colors and began.

bearI’m loving the Windsor blue, and having the cobalt turquoise right there is proving to be fun. I’m very envious of Carol’s palette and I want to experiment with some of the other colors before I finish. I’m even thinking that maybe it’s time to expand my own palette a little.