Yesterday I went down to the UPS Store and shipped my three Equine Art entries up to Emerald Downs. They need to arrive by Tuesday (UPS Store claimed they would get there Monday) and the show will run from July 10-12, with opening night and awards on Thursday the 9th. I won’t be able to make anything except the final day when I’ll drive up and admire the show and enjoy the racing.

[image removed]

Now the only thing left to do is wait. I have the most hope for “Shoes & Shadows”, though I’m please with the way “Comin'” progressed and I’m comfortable with it being finished. “Weiner’s Circle” is the most unusual to send to an equine art show, but I’m hoping the racing crowd will make the connection with Weiner Dog races.

One thought on “And away they go”
  1. As you know, I love “Shoes and Shadows.” Hope it wins a prize because it is great! And I’m still thinking about “Weiner’s Circle” for Colleen Jordan. She would love it. We’ll see if you sell it though!

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