Today I woke up and decided to try my luck up north, snorkeling at one of the big hotels’ beach called Kauna’oa Beach. Last time I went there it was gorgeous and I saw so many fish, but my camera decided to quit, so I couldn’t post much about it.

Unfortunately, there had been a big rain storm that morning and there was an off-shore wind, so things were murky.


This was the only shot I even tried.

After swimming both sides of the beach and determining it was hopeless, I decided to go south again and try the protection of Kailua Pier. I’ve been here twice before on two very different occasions. The first was my first snorkel on the big island when I got it confused with Kahalu’u (I get lost everywhere). While there (both the first time and this time) I saw a huge mass of small bait fish called “akule” (Bigeye Scad).


It’s kind of cool and a little frightening because typically larger fish (like Jacks) are waiting to catch any unwary ones.

It was still murky at Kailua.


I’ve use the color correction on these photos to give you a better idea of what I saw, but what I really saw was a lot of green (like above.)

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be similar weather conditions, so I’m thinking about not snorkeling (gasp) and going to see the volcano. We’ll see.