Today it was very windy and I decided to abandon snorkeling attempts to drive around the island and visit the much hyped volcano I have not seen so far in my two other trips.

I started south.


And at a photo stop this MONARCH BUTTERFLY posed for me! I have never seen one before, but here on Hawaii they pose!

After this excitement I went further south. Obviously it is agricultural country.

I then stopped at the…


I would love to post dashing selfies of me on the cliff, but I’m terrified of heights. So…. just imagine.

From there we turned north (my rental car doesn’t work in the water.)

The next stop was Black Sand Beach. As you can see it’s getting windier.

Then Kilaauea and Volcanoes National Park.

By now I was getting tired, so after getting lost in Hilo, I did the last thing and stopped at Akaka Falls State Park.


A friendly stranger swapped photos with me, so I got this shot.


I fooled around with some flora and fauna.

And made my way “home.” 9 hour trip. I’m tired tonight.