I am on vacation. In Hawaii. The big island. Oh, man, did I need this.

Of course, when I’m over here, it’s all snorkel, all the time. Yesterday I got off the plan and jumped into Kahalu’u while f]waiting for my time share to open for check in. A couple hours in the water did a world of good before I checked in, got some dinner, and went to bed.

This morning I got up and hit Two Step, probably my favorite spot on the island.

Four hours later I was tired and out of drinking water, so I headed back to the time share where I have amused myself with computer stuff and TV (Stars Wars has a new movie out… who knew?)

One of the things I like about Two Step is that is seems a very cosmopolitan place. I heard American, Australian, and English accents as well as Japanese, Punjabi, French, and Spanish. I was overlistening to a group of Australians talk about what they had seen and they mentioned missing “The Threadfin.” I asked about what that was and the guys said, “Oh, it’s not in the book.”

On my next cruise around I looked to my right and I saw this. “The Threadfin.”

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/qhdUo4NslnQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
It’s a Hawaiian Sergent that has morphed those super long fins. I guess like a White Tiger or a Black Panther. Pretty cool…
Anyway, I fully intend to take this week and veg out. So… don’t expect much!