Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Happy Wednesday to my international friends (honestly, I only know one, but it seemed worthy of mention)!

As I said a few days ago, it’s all lavender painting, all the time around here, to try to have something to enter in the the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival. For my day off I went to Montainside Lavender with the usual gang.

While it was beautiful there, I just couldn’t really embrace the day. Maybe it was the overcast sky or the humidity. Even a chicken couldn’t get me inspired.

For whatever the reason, I think my paintings came out rather lackluster.

There are a few easy fixes, so they might not be “over” yet, but I think Sundays paintings came out better.

In other news, I framed and packed my final selections for the Equine Art Show July 12-15 days up at Emerald Downs.

Modern Charger

I’ll drive up Sunday to pick up the paintings and see the show.

While in my studio I did some more organizing; a few days ago I purchased another rolling drawer from Ikea to store and organize my unfinished paintings. So, now I have a place for paper and for paintings in various stages. I’ve never been so organized! This led to going through some of my old paintings and generally rearranging everything. But I’m feeling less stressed about the piles now, so that’s something.

I have another date to paint lavender this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure I’ll make both, but it’s nice to have the time scoped out!