Next, I’ll paint something in… any color except purple

For better or worse, the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival painting fest is over. A few artists (those who don’t have to report to work on Monday) may continue to paint for a few days, but for this toiling artist, lavender painting days are over.

On Saturday, I once again joined friend Sandra Pearce to go to my final destination: Red Ridge Farms. While they had a lovely lavender patch, it’s the view over the Yamhill wine country that will take your breath away.

Because I wanted to paint this, and there was no lavender in site, I decided to use my imagination and used artistic license to add some lavender to the scene.

On Sunday, I deliberately did not paint. Instead, I spent time in the studio tweaking and finishing my paintings before finally choosing the best three to frame to take to the show.

For example, I added gouache to finish out this painting.

I also adjusted the “bloom” on this painting.

As a recap, here is the list of possibles.

So, which ones did I choose?

Do you think I made the right choices?

1 Comment on “Next, I’ll paint something in… any color except purple

  1. Of course you made the right choices! But my favs are (L to R and across rows) 1, 2, and 6. Good job!