Waves I worked on while waiting

Today I did watch the 4th (and final) video in Lesley Humprey’s painting horses series. However, I did no painting of horses.

Debbie Loyd, a magnificent painter I have known for years, saw on Facebook that I was complaining about my original workshop getting cancelled, and offered to drive down for the day and provide an online workshop on waves by David Rogers.

We watched for a while, but the pace of the tutorial suffered because he was getting EVERYONE on board. At hour one (of four), David had yet to apply paint to paper, and Debbie and I decided to move onto something else. She’ll watch the video when it offered after the class so she can fast forward.

I offered a few of the DVD’s I have around the house, but in the end we ended up watching Lesley Humprey’s final video on watercolor. I wasn’t surprised when she started with an abstract background, but I hadn’t painted gouache.


In the end, I decided to doodle and tackle the concept another time.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and my plans revolve around doing a little house cleaning and prepping for the week ahead. I need to do some food prep and that kind of stuff, just like if I was “at home.” I don’t expect to do a lot of painting, but if I have a chance, it might happen.

It’s back to the grindstone then on Monday. Veteran’s Day is Thursday, so that will be an extra day and I intend to use it for painting. I haven’t decided exactly when I’m going home. If my current mood prevails… NEVER! But unless I figure out a way to get mail down here, I’ll have to go back sometime.

The weather has been all that I could have hoped. Cold and wet and windy; perfect indoor weather. When Key and I needed to get outside, I could jump out between showers and come back to a nice, warm house.

I love it down here.