Tonight will be a short post because I’m tired and I don’t have a lot to say.

Obviously, we are all home again from our time at the beach house. It was lovely, and I got a lot of thinking done. I’m hoping some of my thoughts and plans come into fruition.

Today I received a “rejection” from ISEA that my painting “Mondrain Meets Kunstler” did not make it into the members show. I’m not too surprised.

Mondrain Meets Kunstler

Over the last week I’ve done some painting on “Alone With Her Thoughts 2”. The title probably makes it self evident why it appealed to me. As a recap, this piece was started at the 2019 Skip Lawrence workshop.

I liked it, but it obviously wasn’t done. I did some digital “pondering”.

Then committed to actual paint.

Obviously, it was all moving in the wrong direction, so it went into the ponder pile for a while. I took it out this week and began working on making it something else.

An improvement, but still not finished. I pondered some more and decided to do more with the ribbon.

There is a little bit of a glare on this, but you get the idea. I now need to commit to some dark shapes on her body. I’ve also thought about making her a mermaid.

I’d say it’s not finished yet.

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  1. Rejection isn’t fun – I was also rejected by ISEA this weekend! Nice progress on your work and glad you had some time away for contemplation!

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