Exercise 2: Jolene by Dolly Parton

The streak continues! Day 2 of the Jean Pederson workshop ended with all five goals met and NO MELTDOWNS! I will admit there was a heating up when I got hungry for lunch and at the end of the day when I was just tired, but both times I evaluated the situation and made healthy choices. Yeah!!!

The Warm Ups

Like yesterday, we did six song-warmups; however, I have done an even worse job remembering the tunes.


After this, we had a little lecture on the duality of modern artists and how they can have more than their most famous style and how this dual nature helped with the abstracting of their work (it made more sense than this, I promoise.)

With that, we turned to working on creating a collage (or two). The idea was to work on a white/blank piece of paper and do a collage, feeling intuitively for what felt right in the placement of pieces. I sucked at this. I couldn’t seem to bond with the idea.

The next exercise was about finding arrangements of shapes. We went around the classroom taking heavily cropped pictures of various things (like cracks in the floor, brushes piled on top of each other, etc.) and then came back to our desk to turn these into six value sketches, working on the idea of arrangement of shape more than representation.

Then we were supposed to take the value study we liked best and go over the collage we had created earlier, using a color study we liked (I got a little lost about where the color study came from. Yesterday?) Being a little lost, I picked out my colors and did a study.

Then did a second edition on a failed collage piece I had in my pile.


The black part of the bottom is where I put gesso over it and I’ll come back tomorrow to try to get that part right.

During breaks, lectures, etc. I did the following.

Bee and flower from yesterday’s sketching
Self portrait

Tomorrow is the final day. Then it will be the dentist and back to the real world!

2 thoughts on “Jean Pederson Workshop – Day 2”
  1. I’m enjoying your workshop experiences. Would that I could let myself go at home with such fun ideas. I sympathize with your mental difficulties too. Been there but not as extreme. Your blog is well done and helpful. Keep it up

  2. Thanks for sharing, very interesting and exciting. Happy for you and glad you are working through your challenges you face.

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