No, it’s not your imagination. I have been quiet on the blogging front this week. Between trying to get work stuff done to go on vacation and actual vacation prep, it’s been busy.

But finally, the day has arrived. At 6:00 am this morning I got on the plane and began my Lexington adventure.

First, review of Frontier Airlines: 2 thumbs up. Pleasant staff, timely arrival, fun plans (I rode on “Coronado” (a big horn sheep) and “Erma” (a white ermine). Terribly fun. I did indeed check my bag and it was $15. Still a racket, but not too bad considering some stories I’ve heard.

I arrived in CIncinnati right on time and enjoyed myself from… well, the start. Before we landed the plane banked over the area around the airport and the foliage here is STUNNING! I tried to get a photo, but my Kindle didn’t want to cooperate.

The walk through the airport was a lot of fun because there were LOTS of pictures of horses and racing. With every step I was more excited!

I no more than drove out of the parking lot at the airport than I came across the first of two racetracks I ran across in my travels (so far).

The drive down to Lexington was shorter than expected (the speed limit here is 70 and everyone goes MUCH faster). I admired the foliage as well as several hawks and vultures.


I was so far ahead of schedule I decided to take a quick tour around and see some sights. I started with Old Friends. I’m scheduled to do a tour next Saturday before heading home, but I didn’t think a drive by would hurt.

When I drove up, on the pond you see in the first picture, there was a great blue heron.

Across from Old Friends was a farm called Summer Wind Farm (this link says they spend 2.1 million on a broodmare in 2011…) There were some good looking yearlings in the paddocks surrounding that.

In my explorations I came across the second track, a Standardbred track that I knew to be closed (so disappointed).


But there was something almost as exciting in the parking lot: FRED! There were two weddings going on there today and Fred was the official carriage horse for one of them. His owners/handlers were kind enough to let me pet him. He’s adorable!

With all this excitement behind me, I arrived at my destination in downtown Lexington, a small and charming house that I am staying at through AirBNB. Jacki and Rob are charming, and I love the house. The neighborhood is also charming. Knitter friends… notice that there is a yarn shop two doors down called… “ReBelle”. I’m in the right place!

And for my final pick, a picture of my room. My friend who asked for this will know it’s just for her!

roomAs you can imagine, I’m tired now. I got up at 4am for the plane and didn’t sleep well (combination of excitement and my rotten cat Bella who decided she needed to express herself at the top of her voice at 1 in the morning).

Tomorrow is slated for Kentucky horse park. It will be horse-picture-palooza tomorrow, so brace yourself!