Brush Buddies

They met at the Watercolor Society of Oregon convention and for the last ten years, Tara Choate and Sandra Pearce have avidly painted the things that captured their attention. Sometimes together, most times apart.

As you will see by this retrospective exhibition, Sandra’s attention rests mainly on the land, but Tara is more easily distracted. While both artists focus on watercolor—a medium of endless challenges and opportunities—Tara has also provided a selection of acrylic paintings and even some works in oil.

Tara and Sandra invite the viewer to share the things that capture their attention and think about what draws your attention. The two artists each have a unique perspective and style—can you tell their pieces apart at a glance?

This collaborative show will take place from June 1 through July 31, 2022, at the City of Keizer’s Community Center, located at 930 Chemawa Road NE, Keizer, Oregon 97303. The facility is open every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Paintings on Paper (by Tara)

The Dogs of Minto Brown (by Tara)


Sandra Pearce

Imagine stepping into another locale. An awe-inspiring or magical place you have never been before, or perhaps you have been there and recall fond memories. My utmost desire is to transport you to those special places – to have you feel as if you are part of that scene, enveloped by the heat of that day, or the cool of that dark passageway. You ponder the mystery of what once was; smell the salt-sea air in the harbor; hear the distant clink of wine glasses and laughter at the outdoor café; wonder at the mysterious first light of day or absorb the warm glow of last light. The compelling depth draws you right into the frame; you naturally venture in and explore the surroundings. I aspire to have you feel an emotional response or connection to the scene…to hear an enthusiastic “WOW!”, or a breathy sigh of calm, even a chuckle over a stirred memory. These gratify me. This is why I paint. ~ Sandra Pearce

Sandra Pearce was born in Essex, England. She immigrated to America with her family in 1964. Vivid childhood memories of the beautiful New Jersey woodlands, rolling hills, farmlands, intense fall colors, and deep snow still appear in some of her landscape paintings. After a few years in the Garden State, the family again moved, this time to California. Life happened – marriage, a son, and a three-year stay back in her homeland of England. There she could not get enough of the Cotswolds’ sights and living the slow-paced village life.

A drastic change (and an exciting adventure!) took Sandra to a new town in a new state: Portland, Oregon – where she had no friends or family, no job and no home. She arranged for a place to live, quit her high-stress job, packed a van, and took the biggest leap of faith in her life. And she has always been glad she did. Sandra now finds peace and tranquility with her animals in their woodland home and garden. The simple life nurtures her creative spirit, and painting is her life’s passion.

Sandra’s recent work includes industrial scenes, both functioning and abandoned to history, as seen in her travels to Europe and around North America. She is excited by the abstraction of space and light and shadow, and delights in the calligraphic details offered by piping, railings and ladders. This is an inspiring direction for Sandra’s growth as an artist, while still living the joy and serenity of painting nature.

Painting is essential for Sandra.

Painting is the Good Life.

You can see more of Sandra’s work on her website.