Today, for the first time in over two years (probably closer to (3.5), I went to a movie (Secrets of Dumbledore, if you are interested (C+ would be my rating).) In a theatre. With other people. And expensive popcorn. I felt a little like I was gambling my life away, but also felt a celebration that, surely, NOW the pandemic is over. Of course, all the people in masks quickly reminded me that we’re all one careless breath away from germs.


Thank you to everyone who reached out after reading my post last week. I appreciated the company. I can’t say the last week was eventful; in fact, I did my best to make sure it wasn’t. I wasn’t able to drive until Tuesday, and Wednesday marked the first day I could speak without stuttering badly. I know I’m not 100% yet, but at least I’m not sliding backward. As most of you know, I need something to do, so I worked my way through a list of little chores: going through old electronics for resale, a Goodwill run, cleaning the garage, etc. A few other tasks, but it was so hard to concentrate for the first few days that I kept things really simple. Lots of dog walks. I could handle that.

I didn’t paint. I thought maybe I would, but it felt like too much. I did some other art-related things, though nothing impressive enough to post about (art inventory is just not exciting).

I did get word that my Alaska application was turned down. While that is sad, I told a friend last week that even if I was accepted, I thought I’d have to turn it down. I’m now thinking about other adventures.

By the end of the week, I was feeling well enough to ask my doctor for a new note, so next week I’ll be working half-time. I think that will be nice, as I do worry about the payments I haven’t done. I also think it will give me a chance to dip my toes back in the water. I’m still not as emotionally stable as I’d like to be, overreacting or underreaction in weird patterns. It’s time to return to the real word, though.

Happy Easter, Passover, Ramadan (it started a few weeks ago), or any other holiday you happen to celebrate. Life is beautiful!