Brush Buddies

It’s been a busy week. The Jean Pederson workshop is still very much on my mind, but other artistic ventures have crept into my available time.

First, and most excitingly, the dual show between Sandra Pearce and myself went up on Wednesday. We put together this little preview, hoping to entice a few people to come see it.

For those who can’t come see the show, or simply want to ponder their options, I have created a page with all my available paintings listed. Sandra put out a newsletter with all her happenings. I did as well, but I’m hoping you have already signed up for that; if not, it’s easy! Just sign up to the right of this post.

Saturday I was planning to drive down to Eugene to pick up “Glisten”, but the gallery sold it, saving me the trip. It’s always so exciting to get that red dot award.


Having been saved a three-hour round trip, I actually put the time to use sketching out some ideas for a show that’s happening in October. A few weeks ago, I was notified that I had been accepted into the Hoffman Gallery‘s October show “Word & Image”. Twelve writer and twelve artists are randomly paired to engage in.Ekphrasis (the art of responding to work in different media.) Friday night I attended an online “Pariing Party” and learned my partner is the incredibly talented Lauren Mallett. I have a choice of three poems to choose from and then I must create a work of art in response to the piece. I have chosen a poem called “Drains to River”, but I haven’t decided just what to do with all my ideas. I have until the end of July, which really isn’t much time at all! Lauren also has been provided with three of my paintings (see below) and must create a writing about one of them.

A few other random art things surface now and then, but I think that covers at least this week.

If you’ve read this far, I wanted to provide a little update on my mental health. It’s good. The new drug regimen seems to be working a treat. I’m back to working full time and even caught myself singing along to a favorite song in the car the other day. It just feels good.

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  1. Hi Tara! Congrats on the sale of “Glisten” at the Emerald Arts exhibition! So cool! And, congrats to you and Sandra on your show in Keizer. I enjoyed your video. Good luck and I’m glad to read that you’re doing better!

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