Key impersonaltes Forrest Gump.

I’ve always had an affinity for the number two, not least of all because I was born in February, the second month.

So, yesterday, Key and I went to (yet another) NW3 trial (20th, but who is counting…) While I’m not normally one for “feelings”, I had a good feeling about this trial from the moment we got in. To hedge my bets, I decided to wear my “lucky” shirt (worn a couple weeks ago for the Vehicle 3 title). At this point, I think it’s fair to say that any sign of rationality has left the building. I just want to pass!

Key rocked it, and I stayed pretty relaxed. And guess what? We passed! Well, technically, we missed one hide, so we qualified. But I already had another “leg”, so at the end of the day we took home our second NW3 title, a second place in Exterior searches, and a second place overall!

If we can pull it together for a third time, we’ll get a NW3 Elite title and move up to Elite trials. We’ll never be able to get into the trials (demand far outpaces supply), but at least we’ll be able to work on points not perfection!

In other two-related news, last week I booked a trip to Paris this fall. That’s item #2 of my bucket list (own a dog, own a horse, and go to Paris.) Alright, it’s a stretch to related it to two, but how else will I tie this post together?