Details of the new job (at day 7)

Well, as of this morning I’ve been at my job seven whole days and everyone has been asking, “How’s it going.”

My answer: “Good. I know the names of everyone in my group.” That’s seven people. Frankly, this is my most amazing accomplishment to date.

My new co-workers are friendly and nice. My cubicle has a view of a tree.

officeI have found the nearest coffee shop.

A few co-workers go for a walk at 10 and 2 and I tag along. We walk around nearby Mill Creek.

On my lunch walks I admire theĀ  many flowers that are in bloom around the office.

One day I walked around the capital and admired the golden pioneer.

There is even this sculpture near my building (please ignore my thumb, I was using my Kindle.)

sculpture1So, how’s it going?

Okay I think.

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