The first requirement of blogging

The first requirement of blogging is to actually  have something to write about, and lately my life has been lacking that. It’s go to work, come home, sleep, repeat. Between work demands (it’s end of year and very busy) and the heat (have I mentioned how much I hate summer?) it’s just been a struggle

Domestic bliss

I spent today checking off a list of duties, errands, and chores. Nothing too exciting, but adding 7 cans of pickled peaches and another 7 of spicy pickles (cucumbers) to my store gave me an unexpected little burst of pleasure. I also took a couple knitting projects as well as two art pieces to the


aestive, adj. [‘ Of or belonging to summer; hot, burning.’] Yesterday I did my last official event of the summer, the First City Celebration. The event was somewhat mixed; low sales and a mediocre turnout, but I did get a couple of good contacts. Here is a picture of my booth with my friend Mary


Monday evening I attended the Three Rivers Artist Guild monthly meeting. As the vice president, it’s my job to line up speakers for each meeting, and this month we had Laura Valenti Jelen giving a presentation on “Creating a Visionary Portfolio.” As a photographer, Laura’s focus is little different than mine as a painter; not

A Day At the Races

No, I haven’t forgotten to blog; I’ve just been so busy that I’m completely backlogged with things to say! But my goal this weekend is to churn out some posts… here goes! Last Sunday I went up to Emerald Downs to enjoy the day of racing, see the Equine Art Show, and pick up my

Queen of the dorks

I have been wanting to write that headline for a couple of days now because I have been really feeling foolish. I have had a year–365 days–to get my act together for the 2014 Equine Art Show. The minute I got my 2014 calendar, I marked the date. I have obsessed about my three paintings

Finally a moment

It’s been a week since I had a moment to sit down, let alone write. Frankly, it’s been a little TOO busy around here, and I’m glad to be facing a three-day weekend to tackle a few things. Almost every day this week I’ve had something I meant to write about, but it’s just been

Lazy painting night

Tonight was my painting night, but I was really tired, so instead of tackling my mountain of works in progress, I decided to watch two videos I rented from the Watercolor Society of Oregon library. I am a rather “loose” painter and I have really liked some of the effects I’ve seen on YUPO® (a

The painting harlot?

I am normally a pretty focused person. Point A to point B. I read my emails and file them. I weed one bed at a time, in a counterclockwise path. I knit one thing at a time. And then there is painting. In spite of having eleven paintings going on, I started two new ones