It’s been a week since the Ruth Buchanan workshop and I feel like I’m getting back to “real” life finally.

Equine Art 2017

No prizes or sales this year at Equine Art 2017 at Emerald Downs. Of course, I couldn’t attend because of the workshop, but from the names of the winning artists, it looks like it was a strong show.

American Academy of Equine Art

But I did hear from AAEA that “At Liberty” got in.

This is my second time into an AAEA show; if I can get in again, I can have the title of “Juried Member.”

Other news

In other news, Key (my dog, you’ll remember) had been acing his nose work classes and is now officially “on scent”. He doesn’t seem to impressed; it’s really all about the food when you’re a dog.

I manned the Salem Art Fair booth on Sunday for Artists in Action for a few hours and had a blast. I met a professional unicorn and watched Celtic dancing. It was too hot to do much more than people watch, but it was well worth the time.

10 paintings – “Hoof beats”

Saturday I basically rested. It was blazing hot and I was exhausted. It was a good use of time, and toward the end of the day, I started to think about my homework from Ruth.

You told me on the first day that you get distracted by color. I want you do do a week of painting in two colors, and then add three colors. Send me a timeline of your work and we’ll go over it.

So, I hereby put my feet to the fire and announce my plan:

The rules

  1. Try to make these paintings show-worthy (no, “It’s just an exercise”)
  2. Do a value sketch for each
  3. Between 1/4 and 1/8 sheet
  4. Properly stretch the paper
  5. Draw the base (no tracing)
  6. Count strokes (slow down, use your brush

I’m not putting a timeline on this, but I want to do 10 paintings in both the two color and three color. So, 20 paintings total.


Well, I’ve been wanting to do a series.

This will not be my only painting, because I have other commitments. But I am going to try to focus.

I can hear you laughing.