I grew up in a three-bedroom/1-bath house. We always had an extra bedroom that I was relegated to whenever my grandparents came over. As a teenager I remember being fascinated by that room and it’s haphazard contents: sewing items, old textbooks, photographs, old computers. I remember wondering why my mom (sorry, Mom) didn’t DO something with the room.

It’s taken me 30 years, but I now have an answer.


Since coming back from Montana, I feel like every day has been a struggle just to get basic needs met.

The first week, obviously, was all about unpacking and foraging for food. That weekend I had my “Plant and Patio Party” where several friends came over to help me install the plants that would complete my summer-long yard improvement project.

The next week (I think) a few things started falling into place. Groceries  made a modest comeback and the laundry was now in its proper spot. But before I could get too excited the WSO convention came along. In addition to heading up to Troutdale to admire my painting, Saturday I took classes and made small talk with all my painting buddies.

I painting these three starts based on a reference photo in my journal and Doug’s inspirational teaching.

I was supposed to go back up to the convention on Sunday, but I decided to skip out in favor of finally catching up with  my grocery shopping (gosh, I am SO exciting!)

Maybe taking a day to plan for the week helped, however, because about mid-week I caught a glimpse of my “studio” and realized that it bore a striking resemblance to “the extra bedroom.” Items were piled up, chairs rested helter skelter, the goodwill pile was out of control. It took me 45 minutes on Thursday evening to get down to the “painting” layer.

So today my goal was to find enough time to actually get in there and paint. Once again I am up against some deadlines which seems to be my main source of motivation.

I’m proud to say I DID do some painting, but I can’t show you any of it. All three are deadline-driven stealth projects. But to prove my honesty, here is a glimpse of all three.

I’m going to try to get some more painting in tomorrow. I’d like to get to a place where I’m working on what I want instead of deadlines.

But before I forget, it’s been pretty exciting around here the last few weeks and I have been too busy to share.

The American Academy of Equine Art’s 37th Annual AAEA Fall Showcase is currently up (you can see the show online as well)

The Turn got into the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) show (my first non-horse national show.)

Artists in Action’s “Paint the Town” event is finally up. When I went to the opening reception on October 4 I was THRILLED to see that not only had I received an Honorable Mention but one of my paintings has the coveted red dot (sold)!

I think you, and I, are now all caught up to date. Fingers crossed I can continue this good work…

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