Today I drove down to Cottage Grove for an event through the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council called Bikes to Blooms. I originally saw this event on Facebook and thought it looked like fun, so I marked my calendar and called down to make a reservation.

First let me say that I had a good time, but the day did not go as expected.

I left early hoping to get down there in plenty of time for the 10-12 event that was labeled a wildlife area tour.

i had printed out directions and really thought I knew where I was going.

I got to where I thought the event was at 8:45. At 10:30 I found where the event actually was.

I’m not going to say any more.

Having missed the event I really wanted to do, I tried to go with the flow and went on a short guided hike and then a 12 mile ride around the reservoir. From here on out, it’s about the pictures.

The Views

The Wildlife

The Wildflowers

One thought on “Where the Wildflowers Are”
  1. Love the vultures – always have. Was this Dorena Dam or Cottage Grove Dam? I grew up near here (20 minutes south) and spent a lot of time here in my youth.

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