I’ve been at my new job one month now and I’m delighted to report things still seem to be going well. This week OWEB had it’s board meeting, which I attended for part of a day as a spectator. During that time I saw presentations by our region reps about grants they were recommending for funding.

With this new information when I went for my Friday night hike at the little Metro rehab area on the way to the SEO barn, I looked at things with a new eye.

These logs have been placed in the stream to provide a place for fish to rest.
This wall of logs is another way to create nice, cool fish resting places. Because the logs protect the bank, the river gets deeper there and the fish hang out.
While this is a lovely scene at the end of my hike, the flatness and un-shady-ness is not ideal for fish; however, this area has been diverted from the main river and there are a bunch of logs in the area just above. So clearly some kind of planning is going on…?

In addition to these delightful pondering, I enjoyed the spring flowers in bloom.

I also caught a nice photo of a pair of tree swallows (so plentiful, but so hard to ID) actually perched.

treeswallowAfter finishing my hike, I went to see the horses, then came home under an amazing sunset. This photo does NOT do it justice.