1. Starbucks cups now come in purple. Obviously I had to have one.


2. You can rent art at the Salem library. Who knew?


3. I got up early this morning to go with the Salem Audubon Society to Ankeny. I saw lots of birds (primarily ducks). I took five pictures. It was wet. Really wet.


4. Be proud of me. I went to the doctor on Thursday. I got a new medication. This breathing thing is THE BOMB!

5. I took Bella to the vet (again) on Saturday to try to get a definitive diagnosis either for cancer or hyperthyroid. She now hates me.

6. Finn is having an old dog day. He has about 1/2 block of happy walk, then it’s all very slow and draggy. I hope he doesn’t have to go back to the vet for more pain medication (I mean more dosage). But on the bright side, on Thursday the eye doctor said his eye had healed, so no more eye vet!

7. I am done with my overhaul of my friend Chad’s website. About 7 years ago (maybe more?) I put together this website and have updated it every year for him.


I’ve always been very proud of the site, which was done in straight HTML for the first few years.

But as time does march along, I thought it was time to give the site a bit of an update. So…


Go check it out. www.mtpleasantiris.com