I have said it before, and I’ll probably say it again: Art is time-consuming. I’ve spent most of the day (and the weekend, for that matter) slogging through the various tasks that have to be done if I want to get into shows or other opportunities. But that doesn’t mean I like it. Particularly irksome is a multi-page application for the 2022 Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Resident experience. I’d love to get it, but I feel like it’s unlikely. Still, I’m spent some time with the application and intend to submit it before the deadline.

In the meantime, I’ve accomplished a few other to-do items. I’ve entered the Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO) show, the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) show, and the upcoming International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA) show. I’ve marked the deadlines of a series of American Academy of Equestrian Artists shows. I’ve turned in the final image for my entry into the Salem Reads show and will do a promotional interview later today. The book this year is A Tale for the Time Being, and I really liked it, though I thought it was very difficult in a few places.

“Regarding Zazen” – watermedia on paper (created for the 2022 Salem Reads event)

So, when I tell you I “only” started one painting, please understand there is a lot you didn’t see.

I started this painting on a wood panel that’s been hanging around since the summer’s adventures. Forgive the glare.

untitled, unfinished – acrylic on panel

I’m pretty happy with it, but some adjustments need to happen. I’m also considering a pretty major revision to make him a very furry horse, but I haven’t worked out exactly how to do it.

This week I saw a barred owl, heard a pair of great horned owls, and had a white breasted nuthatch at my feeder.

I managed to get my paws on an official institution document I have been seeking for six months.

We went to the beach and survived a tsunami.

Finally, I destroyed a friend’s website (but I’m helping him get it back up again, so it’s a controlled chaos thing.)

I’ve been good. Do I still have to do the homework?