The “free” weekend

So, unusually, I had a free weekend. I had nothing scheduled, nothing to go to, nothing committed. For once, I wasn’t behind on some project and most things were in a stable state.

What should I do?

Too much.

Saturday I got up and went to the farmer’s market, then headed out to Sound Equine Options for regularly scheduled stall cleaning. On the way out to see the horses, we stopped for a quick hike; spring had definitely sprung.

After taking care of these errands, I buckled down to a task that’s been on my plate since the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September: cleaning my fleece.

After some debate, I decided to try the instructs on this website and use my washing machine for cleaning duty.

First wash

Second Wash

Eventually the water looked better, so I moved the fleece to the garage for drying. JJ supervised and says so far so good. We won’t know how things turned out until it dries and I get it to the carding stage.

fleecedryingI decided not to bother with the skirt and put on a little trellis area in hopes the birds would use it for nesting material.

fleeceforbirdsWhile waiting between washing stages, I continued my resolution to have a better yard this year. At the farmer’s market I purchased bags of hazelnut shells from He Sells These Shells and after weeding, spread them around my yard. Because spring is coming…


Sunday came and I apparently woke up without my brain. After church I took a quick hike in Canemah to admire more signs of springs and a lovely Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.


Then I decided to use the free ticket to the golf expo a co-worker gave me. My dad taught me to golf and in high school I was on the varsity team. While I gave up my clubs a few years ago, I inherited my dad’s clubs and I’ve been giving some thought to getting back into it. But I’m glad the ticket was free, because basically it was a lot of advertising and sales. I’ll sort through everything I collected and it may turn out I got a couple of free rounds, but other than that I didn’t learn anything too exciting.

I arrived home hoping to do some more gardening to a message from Three Rivers Artist Guild; I had COMPLETELY forgotten today was the drop off day for art going into our new gallery! I hustled down with no time to spare as the volunteers were just locking up. But I did make it.

From there it was back to gardening, then groceries, and now laundry.

Where did the weekend go?