I have a friend who loves pictures of couches.

Not lovely, Pinterest-worthy pictures. But dark, blurry pictures of people sitting in dim rooms smiling for a snap shot while sitting on a couch.

She’s been to Spain, Quebec, and Japan and come back with pictures of… couches. Not the Sagrada Familia Basilica. Not the Citadelle of Québec.


The other day she asked me to post pictures of my new house so she could see what was going on with my new house.

I know her only interest was in my couch.

But I still felt that maybe it was time to take a little tour and show off my progress. And the work still to do.

I posted the sales picture of my house the other day, but here is one with my various outdoor items and my car in the driveway.      houseIf you come in through the front door, there is a little entry.

entryTurn to your left and you go into the living room.

There is still a lot to put away… but you get the idea.

There is a little hallway that leads to the carport, studio and dining/room kitchen.

hallThe studio still need a LOT of work, but I’ve got the tables set up and have un-earthed the painting supplies box.

With two big tables and my drafting table, I’m hopeful that I’ll finally have enough table space!

Going back through the hall we enter the dining room / kitchen area.

There is a little mud/laundry/dog room off the kitchen.

Unfortunately I still haven’t got laundry due to unforeseen electrical issues, but the dog is comfortable.

Moving back through the house, here’s the office.

officeLast, we’ll head upstairs. My room…

bedroomAnd the extra bedroom (which is a story in itself,)

extraThat’s the two bit tour. Now, when are you coming to see it in person?


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