Stealth project reveal – Cosmo and Zoe

As an artist, an especially an artist who plays too much on Facebook, I am constantly barraged with lists of things I could or should do. Sometimes these lead to experiments, but more often these lists just fill me with a vague sort of guilt that I have not accomplished them.

A couple of years ago, I caved to “pressure” and set up a newsletter for myself. I am proud to say I have NOT abused the patience of anyone who signed up for it. Mostly, the newsletter sits empty, it’s little link a constant reminder of another thing I haven’t done.

About a year ago (Dec 2016) I sent out a newsletter hoping to inspire my little list into purchasing some paintings for the holidays. I don’t think I made any sales, but I did get a commission from my aunt to paint portraits of my cousins’ dogs: Cosmo and Zoe.

In my usual fashion, I jumped right on it, and at the end of May I had started on both projects.

As you can see, I didn’t initially paint the reference photo above for Zoe, because my aunt liked this one.

I valiantly struggled for another four months before giving up and restarting on the photo I liked in the first place.

I was supposed to turn in the finished paintings just before Christmas, but a combination of the flu (mine) and a broken leg (my aunt’s) prevented us connecting. So, I shipped the paintings off, after a cell phone approval exchange. A few days ago, my cousin emailed me and said she loved hers.

Therefore, I can finally reveal… Cosmo and Zoe.

One thought on “Stealth project reveal – Cosmo and Zoe

  1. Well done Tara! Evenif it took awhile. I have a long list of to dos also. Small steps!

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